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Mrs. Sweety Bansal

Mrs. Sweety Bansal, born on 2’October 1984 is an Indian Entrepreneur and wife of Mr. Vishal Kumar Bansal, Chairman of Bansal Group. She is currently working as director at Bansal Institute of Education Private Limited. She received a Graduation degree in arts from Maharishi Dayanand University, Ajmer in 2005. In 2005 she got married to Mr. Vishal Kumar Bansal, Chairperson of Bansal Group. She is making a lot of contribution in the growth of the Bansal group. She is a nature and wildlife conservationist and deeply spiritual. She is involved in a number of charity, arts, and talent endeavors. She believes there is bound to face a lot of losses and bumps in the way but those aren’t reasons to give up. You need to believe in yourself and your idea and trust it wholly because if you don’t have faith in your idea, no one else will. When days seem difficult, it is crucial to keep the self-belief alive, “Being an Entrepreneur means having vision and passion, but take off your rose-tinted glasses long enough to run regular competitor scans and to truly understand you’re customer.” She is making a contribution in educational sector also by launching Edusafe application “an educational management software” which helps in school/institution management. This is a step towards government "digital India initiative”.